Rayuen’s Refillable Lipstick Tube is an ideal addition to Cosmetic Lines

Expert suppliers of cosmetic and skincare packaging solutions, Rayuen continues to expand its range of sustainable cosmetics solutions. The new Refillable Lipstick Tube is a welcome addition for the eco-conscious cosmetic brand.

Made of ABS and SAN Plastic, the Refillable Circular Plastic Lipstick Tube gives brands and consumers the option to reduce plastic waste. Consumers can purchase refills of the inner tube instead of buying an entire new outer shell and cap. It’s easy to pull out the cap to replace the inner tube of product.

This Refillable Lipstick Tube features a decorative sheet on both top and bottom. There are various decoration options available, such as coloring, printing, matte, glossy, soft touch effect, hot stamping, and more.

This rigid tube is a popular packaging option for skincare, personal care, and cosmetics, including lipsticks and concealers.

Contact Rayuen today to learn more about its sustainable packaging options.

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