New Danish packaging made from local recycled plastic delivers significant strides in sustainable development

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Danish households’ efforts to sort plastic waste are now producing positive results, where they can see their recycled packaging used to make more protective packaging.

A visionary collaboration between four Danish companies has resulted in the launch of new plastic packaging made from 100% of Danish household-sorted plastic waste; a true circular loop where discarded plastic is turned into new plastic bottles.

This is a unique collaboration among leading players across the entire recycled plastics value chain which significantly increases the utilisation of valuable plastic waste from Danish households. This kind of collaboration has not previously been seen in Denmark and is an innovation for the industry to reduce the amount of plastic wasted and close the loop on plastic packaging. Through this partnership, the four companies are driving increased recycling of household plastic waste, using it as valuable raw material for new protective plastic packaging.

The companies are Nopa Nordic A/S, Schela Plast A/S, Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S and Dansk Affald A/S.

This partnership to create real environmental progress started more than a year ago when Nopa Nordic requested packaging in recycled material using domestic Danish household-sorted plastic. Consumer demands for new packaging sparked more development work between the partners, which has now resulted in the development of the new packaging, meeting a great need at a time when everyone is looking for sustainable solutions.

“This initiative is contributing to the green transition, and we are proud to have reached the goal in that millions of plastic bottles in the coming years will be made from plastic waste from local households. All four companies reinforced that an open and innovative collaboration between them, each bringing their own expertise, is the way forward for the development of more environmentally sustainable Danish products.”


Schela Plast, who produced the packaging, has been an important partner in the project due to their extensive knowledge of blow moulded packaging made from imported household-sorted plastic waste. They expect the production of local recycled plastics from Denmark to increase significantly.

Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S is the manufacturer of the plastic raw material used in the production of products using recycled plastics. They invested significantly in this initiative and expect the market for Danish household-sorted plastics to increase extensively in the coming years. The project has already shown that demand is on the rise, driving Aage Vestergaard Larsen to increase production capacity.

Damifos’ role is to collect and sort the plastics from household waste from the local municipalities. The intent is to prove that valuable products can be made from plastic waste by using sorting technology at Damifo’s plant in Denmark. A purpose which has been fully met by the project.

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