Weener Plastics presents its range of Nube jars

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Weener Plastics offers Nube, a cosmetic jar with lid available in two sizes: 200ml and 300ml. Nube is perfectly suitable for personal care applications such as facial, hair and body care. The Nube jars can complement a complete packaging range.

The Nube line adds an elegant touch to your brand's beauty products. The glossy surface and soft line rounding give the Nube jars a stylish presence. The lids have a slightly elevated surface in the middle for a distinctive look. Special material effects and metallic colours can enhance its luxury appearance. With a large color range and a wide variety of decoration options, brands can make the Nube jars their own. 

Functionality is key in its design. The Nube jars are easily processable on highspeed filling lines. The sides are straight and offer a large surface for decoration. The screw lids have a tight sealing. They offer a good grip for a convenient opening and closing, even with moist or wet hands.

Made from mono-material, the polypropylene jars and lids are easily recyclable.

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