Unzip WP's Ultimate Spray System

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Making it easier for consumers to recycle a product at the end of its useful life cycle, thus enhancing circularity, WP presents its Ultimate Spray System (USS) that can be unzipped. 

Weener Plastics' Ultimate Spray System (USS) is a cutting-edge spray system designed to enhance the latest generation of aerosols. 

Standing out from other removable spray caps on the market, Weener Plastics' (WP) has developed and incorporated an intuitive zipper that makes it easy to remove the aerosol spray cap for efficient recycling.

WP's Ultimate Spray system features a finger-button that can be lifted, tearing open the housing of the spray cap so that it can be easily removed and recycled by the consumer.

"Our Ultimate Spray System has been designed as a sustainable packaging choice. We designed it as a mono-material solution by developing an insert with unique technology that can be made of the same PP grade as the spray cap. The resulting spray cap, including the insert, can then be easily recycled 100% in standard waste streams, simply by unzipping the cap to separate it from the aerosol can!"

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