Book Jackets add flair to gift packaging

Gifts can sometimes be about the here and now, and sometimes about future chapters. Robinson's two-piece book jackets are the perfect way to introduce exciting events such as a Hot Air Balloon ride or a Formula 1 driving experience, or to launch new cosmetics.

Premium Paper Secondary Packaging

Where there are a number of variations to the contents, the addition of an oversleeve creates the look of a bespoke product but without the need to commission bespoke book jackets. Robinson produces three-panel or, where a magnet insertion is requested, four-panel jackets.

Robinson's paperboard is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and is widely recyclable. The paper is made from sustainable sources and Robinson is pursuing FSC-certification.

Robinson offers the option of adding its sustainability sourced paper as a black, white, custom colour or textured lining.

Why choose a book jacket?

  • Easy to hold and handle
  • Robust while being lightweight
  • Perfect for presenting gift experiences or samples
  • Sustainable

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