Plasticum introduces Spray Cap Jill

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Plasticum extends its range of horizontal spray caps with Jill. This elegant spray cap has been especially designed for female cosmetic applications. Jill is fitted with Plasticum’s patented Integrated Spray technology, integrating the actuator and insert. This technology allows different orifices and channel designs to generate many spray patterns with a one-piece spray cap. Jill will be presented at the Aerosol & Dispensing Forum in Paris where Plasticum exhibits at stand C12. 

Jill has an exclusive appearance and is perfectly suitable for personal care applications, such as deodorants, body sprays and hair sprays. The Integrated Spray technology offers flexibility to handle various formulations and to obtain different spray patterns, depending on the required effect. A complete product range can be covered with this functional design. The first launch in the series has a diameter of 52 mm.

Jill has a high gloss surface finish that complements the stylish look. Also translucent materials, metallic or pearl effects give the cap a glamorous image. This horizontal spray cap has a clearly marked finger recess area that offers a light and convenient actuation of the spray, supported by the solid hinge that is situated on the push side. The fixed and flared stem fit offers the advantage of easy positioning during assembly. The compact and integrated design guarantees an economical choice.

The polypropylene spray cap exists of only one piece and is manufactured in one single moulding shot. The actuator and insert are fully integrated, so there is no need for additional assembly. This makes the manufacturing process simple and efficient, while the Jill can be recycled easily. All products are produced in a clean and well equipped production environment honouring operational excellence.

Samples from the pilot tool are already available. The final products will be launched in the second quarter of this year. Customers already showed serious interest for their personal care brands. 

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