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Weener Plastic Packaging Group strengthens its market position

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To fully exploit the considerable international potential in the personal care, food and beverage, home care, chemical, and pharmaceutical packaging markets, Weener Plastic Packaging Group located in Weener (Lower Saxony) has restructured. Plasticum Group B.V. of the Netherlands, with its 300 employees and four European plants, will be integrated into the Weener Plastic Packaging Group as a subsidiary and Weener Plastik GmbH will continue under a restructured management.

Plasticum perfectly supplements Weener’s product portfolio
Plasticum manufactures innovative plastic standard Caps and Closures for Personal Care, Food and Home Care products in its four plants located in Tilburg (NL), Ede (NL), Waldkirch (D) and North Walsham (UK) – and perfectly supplements the existing product portfolio of the Weener Plastic Packaging Group: Whereas Weener is mostly dedicated to the highly professional implementation of customized packaging projects, Plasticum has successfully concentrated on the development, manufacturing, sales and distribution of innovative and cost-effective standard Caps and Closures. The customers of both companies are large producers of international branded articles and trade names as well as (international) contract packers. Since 2012, Weener and Plasticum belong to the Lindsay Goldberg LLC private equity investment fund of New York, represented in Central Europe by Lindsay Goldberg Vogel GmbH.

Joint expansion of a strong market position – Roel Zeevat becomes CEO of the company group

"As a joint company, we can act as a global partner for our international customers through our expanded production network. In addition, our owner Lindsay Goldberg gives us the opportunity to invest more heavily both in R&D and international expansion”, says Plasticum CEO Roel Zeevat, who will be the company group’s CEO and who sees a large growth potential, specifically in Asia and South America.

The group’s CTO will be Gerhold Flockenhagen (so far Weener’s COO), CSO for branded articles will be Ralf Sonnenberg (to date Weener’s CSO), and CSO for standard products will be Ben Mennink (to date Plasticum’s CCO). During the course of the transformation process and by mutual agreement, Johann Meinders (to date Weener’s CEO) will leave the management of Weener Plastik GmbH but will remain connected to the company as consultant. „We thank Johann Meinders for his work, which contributed immeasurably to the company’s success, and wish him the best in his future professional and private life”, said Dr. Thomas Ludwig, president of the company’s advisory board. „We are convinced that, owing to its restructuring and the established development, sales and distribution resources, Weener has created the necessary conditions for continuing its growth and to keep expanding its already strong market position”, explains Ludwig.

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Weener Plastics thinks green, serving up sustainable solutions for environmentally conscious customers

As pressure to ‘think green’ escalates through the roof, sustainability continues to be an integral part of Weener Plastics’s strategy. Boasting unrivalled technological competences, the company develops packaging components for the personal care, food & beverage, and home care markets, working incessantly towards minimising its carbon footprint. Ilona Vermeer underscores the importance of sustainability solutions for Weener, explaining how it is determined to make the plastics packaging industry circular in the next years.

Multiple awards for Nivea packaging with Weener Dispensing closure

Nivea Hand Care’s alluring packaging isn’t just pleasing to look at. Picking it up is almost irresistible – and delivers a pleasant consumer experience. That is why the appealing packaging has received several awards in 2017, such as the Red Dot Design Award for Communication Design and the German Packaging Prize. A welcome compliment for the hinged dispensing closure produced by Weener Plastics, which is functional, convenient, reliable and attractive.

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