Don’t Miss Out on the New Simple Look Series from YONWOO/PKG!

Yonwoo/PKG has released their latest line of airless bottles- the Simple Look Series.This is for brands who are looking for timeless, classic designs with a modern twist. With three different ranges, the Simple Look Series has the perfect container for your cosmetic and personal care products. 

The Simple Look Jumbo is a jumbo sized bottle with a classic simple design and no cap. Consumers know their products are secure in their bags with the rotate lock and unlock system that makes a click sound. There are 10 volume options for every type of product. 

The Simple Look Mini Jumbo is a mini sized version. It’s great for sample or travel kit products. This design is differentiated from existing small-capacity products so you will know your product is unique. 

The Simple Look Spray is a simple classic designed spray pump without a cap. Consumers won’t worry about losing their cap! The spray priduces an even spray of fine particles. 

Contact Yonwoo/PKG to learn more about their Simple Look Series and other products.

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