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Commercial Sustainability & Metal-Free Packaging

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Tara Karsten, Sales Director and primary Commercial Sustainability Lead at Yonwoo/PKG, says the most significant development within the company has been the removal of the metal spring in pumps via the introduction of all polyolefin (LLDPE) pump systems. Thanks to all plastic polyolefin (LLDPE) pump systems, beauty packaging that was previously thrown away can be recycled.

The demand for PCR material across all packaging categories is skyrocketing. The challenge is whether supply can meet demand long term. Yonwoo/PKG's strong partnerships with both new and existing local PCR resin suppliers are critical to meeting customers' growing demand for PCR.

All brands will be challenged to provide sustainable packaging that conveys the established aesthetic their consumers have come to know and love. Packaging suppliers have the unique opportunity to meet this need. Consumers will require education to change their beauty packaging disposal habits to reflect the shift to recycle-ready packaging.

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  • Modified 07 Jun 2022
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