Ultimate Hygiene with Yonwoo/PKG’s Pad Jar

Pre-treated facial pads can be difficult to package. Yonwoo/PKG has the perfect solution for keeping your company’s round pads safe and secure with their new Pad Jar.

The 200ml plastic Pad Jar was made with consumers in mind. There is a push piston on the bottom of the jar that consumers can use to bring the pads to the top of the jar. This keeps the pads and their formula safe from contamination.

A screw cap prevents pads from drying out and is easy to use. There is a plastic tweezer in the lid that makes grabbing the pads easy. Use this pad for toners, cleansers, and peel pads. The lid and plastic are available in a variety of different colors to make sure your brand shines through. 

Contact Yonwoo/PKG today to see how the new Pad Jar can work for your brand.

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