From Passion to Impression with Color Cosmetics Packaging

Yonwoo/PKG is releasing two new color cosmetics packaging innovations for the summer! The new Squeeze Chip and Micro Cushion Compact make applying foundation and blush fun and hygienic.

The new Squeeze Chip is intuitive to use. Consumers wishing to apply some color or product to their face or body simply squeeze the container with their thumb and forefinger. 

This squeeze bottle is ideal for liquid foundations and blush. The cap keeps the product clean and makes it easy to put it in a bag or purse. It features a soft applicator for a great user experience. Multiple colors are available through the use of dual injection. 

The updated Micro Cushion Compact features refillable inner bottles, an airless structure to protect the formula, and additional multi layers in the inner bottles to protect the formula. Consumers conveniently push the dish down to use. This compact works great for foundations, bb and cc creams, and even sunblock. 

Contact Yonwoo/PKG today to learn more. 

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