The New Highly Recyclable Mono-material Eco Dropper

Traditional packs can be difficult to recycle, frustrating consumers. That’s why Yonwoo/PKG has re-designed the traditional dropper. Their new Eco-dropper is all PP- making it easy to recycle!

A traditional dropper contains a rubber bulb, a plastic lid, and a glass pipette. Combining three different materials makes the dropper difficult to recycle. Yonwoo/PKG has updated their dropper to contain only PP plastic.

With only two pieces (the bulb and lid are one piece), the original structure of the dropper stays together throughout consumer use. PP is a plastic type that is easily recycled throughout the world, making this entire mono-material dropper a breeze for consumers to recycle when they’re finished.

Ideal for low viscosity formulas, like serums, essential oils, and more, this eco-dropper is a welcome addition to clean beauty product lines.

Available in both 30ml and 50 ml, the eco-dropper is available in a rainbow of customizable colors, as well as a customizable bulb design.

Contact Yonwoo/PKG to find your next sustainable solution, from the mono-material Eco-Dropper and Mono-Material Pump and more.

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