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Top Performing Cosmetic Tubes from Yonwoo/PKG

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Focusing on design, sustainability, and user experience, the team at Yonwoo/PKG is releasing two new cosmetic tubes and lids.

Light Flip-Top

The Light Flip-Top tube from Yonwoo/PKG is convenience perfected. This portable tube has a practical capacity and an easy-to-use one touch cap. The small orifice makes it easy to control the dispensing amount. It is ideal for hand creams, toning creams, face lotions, and travel kits.

Brands can mix and match for fun color combinations with the tube and cap allowing a variety of designs and colors. This tube doesn’t just look great- it’s also sustainable. Its light design allows a 60% reduction in plastic compared to existing models.

Renewal Flip-top Edge Cap

The new Renewal Flip-top Edge Cap effortlessly adds edge design onto a flip-top cap. With its sharp edge design, brands can give their tubes a more daring look. Available in two volumes, this tube is great for creams, face masks, cleansing foams, peeling gels, scrubs, and hair treatments.

Interested in upgrading your tubes or launching a new line? Contact Yonwoo/PKG today to learn how to get started.

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