COPCO's Innovative PE bottle with gradient colouring


In the age of technology co-existence, a standard product is not nearly enough for people to enjoy "modern products", but rather functional products which is the major trend in the market.

However, it turns out that the general public worried that the primary pack can't protect their functional products perfectly, such as a conventional PE bottle does.

COPCO has released a series of advanced PE bottle with EVOH layer, which can preserve the nature of products more effectively. It also can be two or five layers as per your requirement, while the color of the inner layer can be different from the outer of the bottle. So you don't worry about the ingredient of the dye reacting with contents again.

To meet your aesthetic needs with a lower cost, we found another way to enhance the bottle's decoration by controlling the temperature by computer, and it forms an effect like color coating in a gradient - but it's more economical and environmentally-friendly. 

The PE bottle also can be customized for your own brand by opening a new mould, which is good for the development of enterprising and personal products.

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