COPCO's foaming bottle in cylinder shape

Each with neck size 43/410, today COPCO proudly presents a new cylindrical foaming bottle series, featuring both a foam pump and overcap. Customers concerned with metal contact are not restricted to a regular foam pump with an inner spring mechanism, but instead are able to choose an outer spring component, thus avoiding contact. 

COPCO's customers are spoilt for choice as bottle sizes range from 100ml to 200ml.  Colour and decoration options are similarly plentiful, and the bottle components can receive an attractive glossy metallized finish or a sophisticated matte finish. Customers need only make a request if they are in need of a hot stamped band around the closure rim. 

Colors and decoration options:
1) Bottle, pump and cap can be colored by injection molding, any PMS color or according to your color sample.
2) Bottle can be sprayed to gradient color or matte finish. Silk screen printing and hot stamping services are available.
3) Cap can be sprayed to matte finish.
4) Closure of pump can be metallized into gold or silver. A hot stamped band around the closure rim is available if requested.

Sizes: 100ml, 150ml, 180ml and 200ml

Contact COPCO China for more information.

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