COPCO launches a new bottle with mini trigger sprayer

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It does look suitable when you first see it and you will find it is practical if you use.

Design. The bottle is round shoulder which is comfortable to be held on hand. The mini sprayer is designed for enhancing customers experience.

We launch this product, because we consider that customers buy them for how ergonomically the product fits into the palm of our hand. It is one of the factors which attract customers. And we did it.

Decoration. The bottle can be decorated with color injection, silk-screen printing, and hot-stamping etc. Also, it can customize the mini sprayer with color injection for your own brand.

Material. Differing from the most of household products, this product is made of PET. So we can make both bottle and mini sprayer in translucent color to meet your need. Besides, their surface has strong smoothness and glossiness.

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