Amber PET bottles made specifically for personal care products

COPCO China introduces a new collection of PET packaging bottles ranging from 90ml to 400ml. With several volume variations, these PET bottles in amber color are better solutions for delicate personal care products.

  • For skin care products: facial lotion and moisturizing toner
  • For body care products: body wash, shampoo, and hair conditioner.

Different from transparent containers, the amber PET bottles are built to protect delicate ingredients required for special formulated personal care products, to block UV radiation and keep product in good condition before expiry date.

There are two different neck size spec in 24/410 and 28/410, each has various matched lotion pump dispensers, mist sprayers, and caps in different styles.

COPCO China also offers on-site consultancy for any customized and unique branding packaging design with cost-effective solution and immediate delivery.

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