Thick-walled PET bottle is beautiful and strong

In the beauty industry, people love glass packages thanks to a clear appearance and a sturdy sensation in the hands. That’s why we use them in luxury brands and high end products. But we are also concerned by its fragility - it is easily damaged in transport and daily use. So here’s the question -- Does beauty have to be fragile?

Copco doesn’t think so. We found a pack which is beautiful and strong. It’s our thick-walled PET bottle, which can be a perfect replacement for glass, only better. Let’s see how it does it.


1) Crystal clear, more than glass.

2) Thick wall, gives it a sturdy look and a balanced weight in hand.

3) Unbreakable. No more worries about breaking glasses.

4) Can be colored into Amber, blue or green freely.

We supply this bottle with neck size 20/410 in size 35ml. You can pair them with droppers, pumps or atomizers. Together they’ll brighten up your luxury product line.

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