Enhanced lotion pump with adjustable orientation

COPCO China has introduced a key improvement in mechanism design and mold tooling for packaging dispensing pumps. The orientation of the dispensing spout can be adjusted as required whilst in the locked position.

Unlike regular dispensing spouts, most of which can only be turned 360 degrees whilst in the open position, COPCO's enhanced lotion pump can be turned clockwise in a complete rotation whilst locked. As a result, contract filling manufacturers benefit from the easier and more convenient process of turning the dispensing spout facing up so that it alligns with the bottle front cover correctly. 

Adjustable orientation lotion pump specification:

  • Reference: 420105
  • Application: high viscosity fluid such as lotion pump, liquid soap, shampoo
  • Neck size: 33/410
  • Dispensing output: 4.0±0.3ml/T

COPCO is a cosmetic package supplier located in China, providing quality packages for cosmetic and personal care lines. Working directly with customer's to fulfill specific requirements, COPCO can provide the best packaging solution possible for every packaging requirement.

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