COPCO's mist sprayer for high viscosity formulas

COPCO has developed a professional mist sprayer that solves the problem of atomizing high viscosity formulas. Thanks to its improved structure, the viscous product can be dispensed into a fine mist for different applications.

COPCO has developed 4 different spray angles that can be easily adapted to various products on the market: 45°, 55°, 75° and 80°, whereby the larger the angle, the wider the surface that the mist can cover and vice versa.

The smallest sprayer adapts well to scalp sprays, while the 80° is more suitable for products that need to cover larger areas such as body sprays or hair sprays.

  • Available neck sizes: 24/410, 20/410
  • Collar: Smooth, Ribbed, Metal
  • Dosage: 0.18±0.3ml

Check out these videos to see COPCO's sprayers in action:

Check COPCO's website to find out more

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