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Right now most of our current PET containers could be made in rPET with a PCR percentage of up to 100%. In addition to that, a rPET overcap is also available to replace ABS caps which is considered not to be environmentally friendly.

People are passionate to evolve their packages to be eco-friendly, but also worry about the compromises they may have to take on the appearance. Here are our suggestions,

  • For PCR-PET containers, we suggest that they are manufactured in solid or dark colors, to cover the earthy tone and impurity from the recycled resin.

  • For PCR-PET caps, a clear color is not recommended either as there would be a white mark at the injection point. Solid colors are fine.

In our PCR family of products, rPP caps / jars and rPE bottles are also available. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

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