Not just producing bottles, but also creating beauty

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After 10 years devoted to the packaging industry, at COPCO we can now design nice packages combining our expertise in mold and production and “beauty quotient” gained from years of experience in the beauty industry.

Here is a collection of bottles we proposed for a client’s hand wash / sanitizer which helped them gain success on the market. --- It’s a rounded Boston model we chose, and paired with a quality pump benefiting a 2.2ml output dosage which is perfect for hand sanitizer, and a convenient twist lock.

To appeal to consumers and to fit with the client’s brand image, we suggested these nice shades from the most popular colors on the market, and gave them a chic soft-touch coating which offers a totally different visual effect than regular glossy finish, which the client loves!

As a professional package supplier, COPCO can also help you realize your package from a notion / an idea / a sketch to a final product. You are welcome to talk to us with your new ideas!

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