COPCO's exquisite square serum bottles

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COPCO is launching a new collection of PET bottles for upscale skincare products. The collection is designed in a striking square shape. Thanks to our years-experience of mold design and PET production, the square angles are made exquisite with small radiuses, and all sides are rigid and flat with straight edges — a complete beauty through the joint efforts of aesthetics and technology.

3 sizes available: 30ml, 50ml and 70ml
4 closure options: dropper, serum pump w/cap, mist sprayer w/cap, reducer w/cap
Suitable applications: Serum, lotion, mist, and toner etc

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Bottle specifications:

Bottle volume Item # Neck Bottle weight
30ml 01020228 20/410 37g
50ml 01020229 20/410 28g
70ml 01020230 20/410 28g

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