COPCO's square PET bottle stands out

COPCO's square PET bottle truly stands out on the shelf, as can be seen by viewing the product in full 3D at the company's Webpackaging LIVE online product showcase. Set next to another of COPCO's 250ml capacity PET bottles, the square bottle makes a visual impact. 

Featuring a cube-like bottle with ever-so-slightly sloping shoulders, the 24/410 is ideally matched with a lotion pump so that the curves accentuate the straight lines of the bottle.

Perfect for personal care formulations for hair or skin, in addition to liquid soap and hand sanitizer, COPCO's square PET bottle is weighted slightly to offer a tactile impact too.

The square PET bottle is one of the packaging choices on display at COPCO's online exhibition stand which enables brands to discover the company's products at just the click of the mouse. Take a look for yourself!

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