COPCO's innovative Eco-valve set to transform aerosol packaging

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COPCO is launching an innovative Eco-Valve which solves the disadvantages of conventional aerosol valves and will bring tremendous influence to the packaging market.

Key Features of our Eco-Valve:

      1. Safe and Eco-friendly
        The conventional valve products use LPG (liquid petroleum gas) as the propellant, bringing potential safety hazards in production, transport, storage and pollution in use. COPCO’s eco-valve breaks through the barrier, treating the compressed air as propellant, which is safe and eco-friendly.

      2. Easy filling
        To use our eco-valve, the filling is pretty easy, the filler only needs to infuse the compressed air from stem after sealing the eco-valve on plastic or aluminum containers.
      3. Economical
        Comparing with the conventional valves, the eco-valve doesn't need the expensive LPG and the complicated filling facility, it can cut the production cost.

COPCO's Eco-Valve is an excellent option for Insecticide, home fragrance, body and facial spray...etc.
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