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Helping to feed the Nation during COVID-19

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Helping to feed the Nation

This is a heartfelt thank you to all our staff and colleagues that continue to work for the Robinson business during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Your support means we can supply the increased demand seen in food and essential items across supermarkets and retail outlets.

Our UK and Polish plastics businesses are considered as Key Industries within the Food and Drink sector, critical for ensuring that our nations have access to food and people are being fed.

Robinson-produced soup and sauce pots, bowls, and ready meal containers play a vital role to keep us all nourished during this troubled time. We are working hard with the supply chain of many retailers including Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda and Waitrose to fulfil the increase in orders. We also produce Domestos bleach bottles and other essential items, distributed throughout Europe serving as a front-line defence on home germ warfare.

Zillah Stevenson (Welfare Officer) has been working tirelessly to ensure our retired, elderly and vulnerable staff don't encounter any undue hardship.

With many office staff working from home to limit the risk of spread of the coronavirus, our biggest thank you goes to those colleagues who are continuing to come onto our sites in the UK and Poland, working to meet the increased demands of our customers and the market.

We are genuinely thankful to every member of staff. We would like to stress how valued you all are for doing your bit to support, not just the business, but each other.

With us all being witness to many kind acts, solidarity and altruistic behaviour, let us keep this at the front of our minds during this time. The care and compassion we show each other now will define the strength of the Robinson Group going forward.

Helene Roberts
CEO Robinson Plc

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