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The growing healthcare division of PKG Group already offers over 400+ stock products suitable for the regulated topical and dermatological healthcare market ranging from airless packages, tubes (airless and standard), dip tube (aspirated) sprayers, applicators, powder spray, droppers, foamers, and Jars (airless and standard). They also maintain the ability to modify or develop custom components based on customer requirements.

The PKG Healthcare team works closely with customers during their early-stage drug and device development process to help identify the suitable dispensing system and accommodate their specific regulatory needs and meet the standards required for formulations in drug delivery dispensing and primary packaging solutions.

PKG’s team boasts innovative capabilities in design, in-house 3D modeling, full-service decorating, engineering, child-resistant & senior-friendly packaging, quality management systems (QMS) for primary packaging or medical device constituents of a combination product, and speed-to-market custom development. The division collaborates with an ecosystem of laboratory testing CRO, CMO, or CDMO partners to help ensure customers meet their needs and requirements on time.

Project Development Team

The team houses over 30 design engineers and a Custom Development Project team that is ready to achieve and support customers’ stringent “Speed to Market” Innovation strategy. The Quality Management System includes quality control per gate and continual metric-based process control and improvement. The unmanned smart factories swiftly deliver dependable high quality with unprecedented flexibility. The division’s engineering and manufacturing teams are continuously improving and tightening manufacturing and quality process controls, with a continuous improvement culture aimed at meeting the most stringent product specifications required of the market.

The manufacturing team behind PKG Group Healthcare holds a number of notable ISO Certifications:

ISO 15378: Guide for Primary Package materials for Medicinal Products
ISO 9001: Quality Management System
ISO 13485: Design, Development and Manufacture of Medical devices such as Nasal Spray

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Yonwoo/PKG has taken the next step of evolution in supporting the healthcare market by partnering with The Global Regulatory Agency to establish its DMF to the FDA. This exciting development has the potential to open up Yonwoo/PKG’s eclectic collection of 400+ stock items to the world of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Customers can browse through the impressive range of tubes, bottles and jars to find a solution to enhance their product and the user experience.

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