New 50g PCR PET jar from COPCO

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COPCO is developing a new 50g cosmetic jar which will be available in PCR plastic. Available from June, the jar would be a nice package for a standard-sized cream or moisturizer with an eco-sensitive gene.

The new PCR cream jar will be available in 2 shapes; one is straight-sided (ref. #01020333), and the other has a slighted rounded base (ref. #01020334). The lid for the jars is also offered in 2 options of flat and rounded. With its well-designed shape and premium quality finish, this PCR jar will shine on the shelf!


Now let’s look into its eco-sensitive materials. This jar consists of a double-wall base, a 2-piece cap and a disc. All the materials used have been considered with both function and sustainability in mind.

  • Outer jar: Up to 100% PCR-PET
  • Inner pod: Up to 100% PCR-PP
  • Outer cap: Instead of conventional ABS which is not considered eco-friendly, we use either PCR-PP or PETG which is recyclable
  • Inner cap: PCR-PP
  • Disc: LDPE recyclable

All of the jars' options will be ready in June. Feel free to contact us to know more!

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