FachPack 2016

Meeting place of the packaging industry

The programme of the international specialist trade fair for packaging, technology, processing and logistics presents the packaging process chain compactly under one roof. Visitors and exhibitors alike praise the unique atmosphere, in which they cultivate contacts, initiate new business, make investment decisions and, together, look beyond their own horizons. What will the future bring? What technical trends will be set tomorrow? What will the consumer of the day after tomorrow expect from us?

The history of FachPack and other facts about the exhibition

FachPack has excelled for expertise and innovative technology for 36 years and can look back on a magnificent success story. It started in 1979 with 80 exhibitors at the Nuremberg exhibition venue; around 2,000 visitors came to the packaging exhibition at that time, which gained the name FachPack from 1982. 1,565 exhibitors and more than 43,000 visitors were recorded in 2015, and thus FachPack has long since become one of the leading trade fairs in Europe dealing with packaging. Looking back at 2015 whets the appetite for FachPack 2016 1,565 exhibitors and more than 43,000 visitors


Telephone: +49 911 8606 8658 Province: Bavaria Country: Germany

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