Taking Your Deo-Sticks From Ordinary to Extraordinary

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Amid a shortage of deodorant stick suppliers, some of Viva’s tube clients approached Viva about manufacturing sticks. As one of the largest injection-molding packaging suppliers in the world, Viva already had the infrastructure and manufacturing expertise to quickly add deodorant stick molding lines to their Toronto production facility, providing a made-in North America option.

If Viva was to start manufacturing deodorant sticks, they wanted to offer smarter stick designs with more sustainable options. So, the Viva team developed an oval deodorant stick that offered the following advantages:

  • 100% post-consumer recycled material (PCR), including internal mechanisms, in a mono-material design compatible with rigid polypropylene (PP) recycling streams.
  • The unique beauty of in-mold label decoration, providing 360-degree continuous, high-definition artwork coverage over stick barrel and cap.
  • Refillable cartridge systems that save over 50% plastic with each cartridge refill.

Viva developed a sophisticated, sticker-free deodorant stick that really stands out on the shelf, and has a significant sustainable advantage. The response to these oval sticks has been so positive that Viva has added stick options, including the following:

  • Round deodorant sticks.
  • Soft formula formats.
  • Top or bottom fill options.
  • New Mini and Wide stick sizes.
  • Deodorant tube options for soft formulas.

Contact the Viva team now to learn more about the company's deodorant family.

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