When Less is More: Meet Viva's Mini Sticks

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Sometimes size does matter. When your formulation demands a 14-15.5g hot pour fill, you need a Viva MINI STICK. Proudly made in North America, these roll-up Mini Sticks are the best choice for makeup, skin treatments, sunscreen, and body care products as they offer a completely sustainable solution that reduces water waste and is entirely recyclable.

Their portable size works wonders for travelers, as the lack of liquid content allows users to carry them with no hassle while flying and provides the same efficacy and results as their non-solid counterparts.

Available in virgin or 100% recycled resin, Viva's Mini Sticks can be customized to your color of choice to perfectly match your brand identity. The company believes in sustainable options that make a difference, which is why it has invested in developing high-quality products that look good, feel good, and are environmentally responsible.

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