Soft Tubes for Soft Skin: Viva's Solutions Get the Job Done

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Are the clouds feeling a little heavy today? Move over clouds, and take a back seat to these soft, sunny yellow tubes made by Viva for Beekman 1802's vegan goat milk collection. The line includes a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, all of which are housed in velvet soft, spot glossy, and oh-so-sunny pastel yellow tubes. You too can add a little sunshine into your daily routines with Viva.

These tubes are 100% mono-material (crafted entirely of PP), with all components molded, decorated, and assembled under the same roof in Toronto, further reducing carbon emissions during transportation for the North American market. The use of highly recyclable tubes and a lower carbon footprint (backed up by a Life Cycle Analysis available upon request), faster lead times, and Viva's agility and flexibility have a great impact on a product and brand's reputation among users and businesses alike. As usual, PCR options (including a new translucent grade enabling any challenging color matching) of up to 90% are available as well, even with the award-winning premium velvet soft-touch effect!

Elevate your skincare routine with packaging as beautiful as your favorite products. It's easier to sell soft skin with a matching soft pack. Let the packaging do the talking and enhance your user's tactile experience with the help of our team.

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