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The future of the packaging industry relies on sustainability. However, being sustainable takes more than recycling, the fundamental change in behavior necessarily asks for people to reduce the amount of waste they produce. It is up for packaging manufacturers and suppliers to deliver new solutions that enable users to both recycle their product and reuse it as much as possible.

That is why Viva Packaging has launched its first refillable thick wall PET jar. The 50ml jar includes an easily replaceable inner pod, cap, liner, and disc, allowing the final customer to reuse the thick-walled jar and recycle only the inner pod. The packaging is 100% recyclable and can be made out of either virgin and recycle-ready PET, PP or 100% PCR. All components are made in-house which will also reduce the general lead time.

Ideal for the hair care, personal care, organic and natural cosmetics markets, it is a next step in the company’s commitment to a circular economy. To learn more about Viva’s sustainable solutions don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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