Viva Faces Environmental Concerns With Smart EcoFriendly Solutions

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In the face of escalating environmental concerns, companies are under increasing pressure to diminish their carbon footprints. To meet this demand, businesses are exploring diverse strategies, including prioritizing recyclability in packaging, optimizing transportation for reduced emissions, and introducing refillable packaging solutions.

"We've observed a notable increase in new clients seeking packaging solutions made in North America. Opting for packaging from Viva translates to shorter lead times, expedited shipping, and the agility to make swift decisions when needed." Shares Melanie Gaudun from Viva Healthcare Packaging, emphasizing that sourcing packaging from North American suppliers contributes positively to a brand's carbon footprint.

Sustainability forms a fundamental principle at Viva, with Gaudin highlighting that beauty brands are increasingly insisting on incorporating sustainable elements into their packaging. This often starts with a dialogue on the desired amount of recycled content.

Gaudin notes, "Currently, fifty percent of our packaging includes recycled content, and this figure is on the rise." In addition to recycled content, Viva presents a mono-material tube design that aligns with recycling processes. Gaudin mentions, "We've been producing tubes this way for over a decade. In sticks and jars, we've introduced some refillable systems, along with lightweight options for tubes, and we're actively developing more to cater to our client's evolving needs."

According to Gaudin, Viva has observed a surge in new products within categories like sun care, scalp care, and intimate care, encompassing items such as anti-chafing and 'pubic-forward' products.

She adds, "We're expanding our packaging offerings for clients, branching out from tubes into sticks and jars to accommodate diverse product categories."

Explore Viva's sustainable options now and contact the team to learn more.

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