Element Packaging Tackles Gorgeous Sustainable Solutions for Hair Care Treatments

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When Babe Original was looking for breathtaking packaging solutions for their densifying hair treatments that matched the company's cruelty-free, vegan, and eco-conscious values, Element Packaging became the obvious choice. The company crafted two recyclable pouches and a plastic dropper, combining functionality with eye-catching aesthetics.

The first component of the set is the recyclable pouch for shampoo, designed in a vibrant and attention-grabbing bright yellow. This striking choice not only adds a touch of energy to the product but also makes it easily identifiable. The 100% recyclable nature of the pouch reflects Element Packaging's commitment to minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices.

Complementing the shampoo pouch, the conditioner comes in a pastel yellow recyclable pouch. This soft and soothing hue maintains visual consistency with the overall product line.

The final component is the plastic dropper for the densifying hair serum, boasting a beautiful bronze finish. The gorgeous appearance of the dropper adds a touch of charm to the overall aesthetic, enhancing the premium feel of the product. The dropper's pipette is thoughtfully designed with three marks, strategically placed to guide consumers in applying the formula in equal amounts to three different sections of the scalp. This innovative design ensures precise and efficient product distribution, enabling users to maximize the benefits of the densifying hair treatments.

Element Packaging Tackles Gorgeous Sustainable Solutions for Hair Care Treatments

Seeking for your own show-stopping packs? Contact Element now and learn how sustainability and beauty can blend in extraordinary solutions.

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