Sustainability from Every Angle: Element Tackles Waterless Formulas

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While efforts are regularly made to reduce carbon footprints and curb plastic pollution, when we talk about sustainability in the packaging industry we should never disregard the use of water. It is a key element present in more than 80% of most formulas, and contrary to popular belief, not an unlimited resource.

From the get-go, we know that reducing water content in products reduces their weight and makes their transport less polluting. But what are waterless formulation challenges and opportunities?

The concept of a waterless formula involves either water reduction or water suppression (anhydrous) in its manufacturing, which leads to the introduction of various textures for the final product. If we consider anhydrous solutions, we can indeed observe different physical forms from liquid to viscous to solid, depending on the product's consistency: oils, gels, hot poured products in bars, jars or sticks.

Aware of the necessity to push for less water in beauty and skincare formulas, Element Packaging has developed a refillable stick for solid products, that is also mono-material (polypropylene) to ensure the full recyclability of the packaging. The patent pending design is stem free, allowing for smoother dispensing without a screw hole inside the bulk.

The overall refill system comes in 4 parts only, and the outer case is smaller than regular sticks. Refill works with the insertion of a new cartridge.

This innovative pack can be used for personal care and skincare products such as suncare, moisturisers, colour cosmetics, or any application with water-based or oil-based formulas, thanks to the compatibility of PP and the product with airtight cap closure.

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