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Element Joins the CO2 Captured Certification to Provide Carbon-Neutral Solutions

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Element Beauty Group is proud to utilize CO2 captured certification and be the first packaging supplier to offer captured carbon solutions, aligning with CO2 Captured's mission of connecting environmentally conscious consumers with products made from captured carbon emissions.

The beauty industry has recognized the need for sustainable practices and reduced carbon footprints. Element Beauty Group has taken a pioneering step by incorporating captured carbon solutions into its product offerings. By partnering with CO2 Captured, Element Packaging aims to provide beauty brands with reduced-carbon-impact packaging options that contribute to a circular carbon economy.

“The purpose of circular materials is to provide improved performance with lower carbon impact. We are currently using it with LDPE and HDPE (Low Density & High Density Polyethylene), and PP (Polypropylene), but the possibilities are infinite. We focus on applications with tubes, deodorant sticks, tottles, PP mascaras components, which are less likely to be recycled because of the sheer physical size.” explains Nick Gardner, co-founder of Element Packaging. “Our partnership allows us to make packaging with fully sequestered carbon which also increases durability, recyclability, and material performance,” adds Gardner.

CO2 Captured's rigorous verification processes and commitment to third-party audits ensure that the carbon capture, removal, and utilization materials used in Element Packaging's products meet the highest standards of environmental accountability. This collaboration creates a transparent and reliable solution for beauty brands seeking to incorporate sustainable packaging options into their product lines.

As the first packaging supplier to embrace captured carbon solutions in the beauty market, Element Packaging is at the forefront of driving change in the industry. Through the CO2 Captured logo, they demonstrate their dedication to innovation, sustainability, and the fight against climate change.

Join us in supporting this groundbreaking collaboration that leads the way towards a more sustainable future for the beauty industry.

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