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Countering Pollution Through Packaging Innovation: ElementGreen365

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Why does upcycled material matter? Sustainability in beauty and especially in packaging won’t be achieved without looking outside the box and exploring new avenues.

At Element Beauty Group, we are constantly looking into new materials, because we think that virtuous materials can help us win the fight against climate change. We are already familiar with conventional PP, PET, and PE (HDPE & LDPE), but what if we could find better solutions in innovative materials?

We’ve been looking at captured-carbon and are already developing dedicated solutions thanks to our partners at Oco. Now we are looking into biobased materials created from waste.

Introducing: ElementGreen365

Through our extensive work and research on upcycled and sustainable materials, we developed ElementGreen365, a new bio-based polypropylene. Made from sustainably sourced renewable feedstocks, it is derived solely from commercial and institutional waste vegetable oils such as used cooking oil, and residues from vegetable oil processing.

These materials allow us to:
1. Reduce CO₂ emissions- An LCA conducted by IFEU Heidelberg concluded - a savings of over 120% CO₂ in comparison with virgin PP.
2. Ensure excellent end-of-life recyclability in existing post-consumer municipal recycled streams.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and if you would like to develop sustainable packaging made with ElementGreen365.

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