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Element Beauty Group Plans to Develop New Formulas to Reduce Water Waste

  • Element Beauty Group
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At Element Beauty Group, we have created our own Lab in South Korea, because where else, right?

South Korea has the best to offer in terms of beauty formulation. The textures, colours, and applications they offer are so inventive, and so playful, that we thought it would be a great place for research and innovation.

A top-secret project at our company is to develop extemporaneous (transformative) formulations that can transform from dry, gel, or solid formulas to liquid formulations with different viscosities for different finishes and applications.

For example, we’ve been experimenting with:

  1. A small pad, similar to a cotton pad, but with a softer feel. With a few drops of water, it will transform into a smooth cleanser.
  2. A thick jelly, full of oil, and when activated with water, it creates a nice warming foam that will enlarge pores, and the oily formula with remove makeup effortlessly.
  3. A pressed powder, in the form of a solid ball, that can be broken down in between fingers to turn into a powder. Adding a few drops of water will melt the powder in a thick cleanser with an oily finish for makeup removal as well.

What else would like us to develop with you?

The sky is LITERALLY the limit. Get in touch for more insights!

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  • Modified 07 Nov 2023
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