Element's Refillable Mascara Packs Ensure Sustainability and Waste Reduction

  • Element Beauty Group

Reducing waste is a worthy challenge in the beauty industry. On one hand, brands need to keep their formulas absolutely safe. On the other hand, they need to ensure that the consumer’s experience remains perfect: intuitive, indulgent, and playful.

As a whole, the packaging industry used to rely on heavy twists and solutions to make it work. But, what if we were to offer unique innovative solutions that were able to preserve the experience while ensuring a more sustainable value and waste reduction?

What if we were to sell only refillable mascaras?

With a global estimated market value of USD 6.95 Billion (2021) that will almost double by 2030 (USD 13.63 Billion) it seems that reducing the amount of waste created by mascara is a strong action beauty brands can take now.

Element Packaging is aware of upcoming trends and growth opportunities, and is ready to offer brands refillable aluminum packs that tackle this exact need. The company's refillable mascara packs are customizable to the brand's desires thanks to the selection of round or square shapes and a wide variety of decoration processes.

For a full turnkey solution, the brush and formula are also fully customizable.

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