Sustainability Shines Through with Element's Eco-Friendly Metallization

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Did you know that metallization of beauty packaging can hinder its sustainable qualities? Well... maybe not anymore!

In the minds of end-consumers, beauty comes with shine and glitters. After all, beauty is about indulgence and fun. However, up until now, it was impossible to make packaging fully shine without inhibiting its recyclability. Metallization prevented sorting robots and reading lasers at MRFs (Material Recovery Facility or Sorting Plant) from properly identifying the base material. They classified it as “unidentified”, which meant most packaging ended up in landfills or burners. Besides, metallization was also known to degrade recycled materials, with PCR pellets being polluted by metal particulates.

In the meantime, prestige brands continue to incorporate metal finishes of gold, silver, and platinum into their packs as part of their visual statement. It conveys luxury and quality, a prestige that easily wins over customers. For years sustainability and strong branding seemed to be at odds.

A New Solution

Element Beauty Group is invested in developing new technologies and techniques that are able to marry the iconic looks of the beauty industry and the new sustainable requirements both users and governments have in place.

That is why the company is now producing exclusive metalized finishes on PET and rPET plastic and glass. The process has passed key recyclability tests, including metal detection and NIR resin identification. These tests were conducted in certified test facilities by the Association of Plastic Recyclers and have met their standards.

Beyond materials, Element Beauty Group also offers a sustainable solution for metalized coatings that requires less energy than conventional systems, resulting in more than 70% reduction and cost savings. The processes emit zero VOCs. and uses eco-friendly, low-energy to create a wide range of print decorations with state-side manufacturing options available.

You don’t have to choose between sustainability and luxury finishes anymore.

Contact us today to find out more about the process and application or meet us MakeUp in New York, on September 20-21 - Booth J12

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