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Element is Harnessing the Power of AI to Design Better, Faster, and More Efficiently

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Element Beauty Group has been experimenting with AI to boost its brands' incubator journey. Leader in turnkey solutions for niche and indie beauty brands in North America, with successful launches like caliray - mascara, and refillable palette, MOB Beauty - refillable palette, Element is pleased to announce the release of its service Element AI, designed to improve and accelerate the development process of new beauty solutions.

Element designers are now working with Element AI software that can create designs faster and more economically due to the increased speed and efficiency it offers. The power of Element AI lies in the speed at which it can analyze vast amounts of data, providing creative inspiration while offering unique design options.

Our designers can then select and modify, making the adjustments based on the data. The most effective designs to test can be created expediently, and multiple prototype versions can be A/B tested with users.

Accelerated Design

These tools also allow an item to be placed in real-life situations, and tested in different versions or environments to ensure optimum design and attraction on the shelf or online. With an ever-evolving and pressured market, Element Beauty Group is answering the demand of beauty creators for a smoother, and yet more complete creation journey.

Enhanced Creativity

"AI is bringing the next level of expertise to improve the conception and design of packaging." says David Pina, Innovation Director at Element Beauty Group. "AI will never replace human interaction, and human inputs, but it is a step further to ensuring that we will release the best products on the market."

Element proprietary AI software providing hundreds of design options promotes the creative process:

  • Inspiration
  • Create discussion points
  • Explore the client’s creative strategy
  • Develop unique Brand options design

Element AI can generate textures, colours, and finishes as well as shapes and forms for inspiration to provide quick-to-production solutions and fast products to market. Hundreds of options for a single packaging can be conceptualized in a matter of seconds.

Element is Harnessing the Power of AI to Design Better, Faster, and More Efficiently

Real-Life Testing to Meet Market Demands

Integrating limitations related to retail space, sustainability or materials constraints, shape or manufacturing requirements into the AI system, Element AI is able to create the next best generation of beauty products answering all consumer, retailer and sustainability demand. Working and partnering with the most creative and innovative beauty brands allows Element to develop proof of concept that daring founders are ready to bring onto the market.

Element AI is an added value to the project development journey that Element Beauty Group brings to the market enabling Beauty founders to dream bigger, better.

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