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A Future Painted in Blue? Element Develops Seaweed-Based Inks

  • Element Beauty Group
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We believe that the beauty industry holds the power to influence, inspire, and shape our perceptions. Do you share this belief?

By embracing sustainable packaging, brands can become agents of change, envisioning a future where beauty and environmental responsibility walk hand-in-hand. Let's shift the tide on waste, embrace innovation, and create a world where beauty truly mirrors the harmony we desire, both inside and out.

At Element Beauty Group, we always seek the most sustainable versions of current beauty solutions (including packaging and formulations). Additionally, we actively search for and invest in new solutions, be it through material science, design for recycling, or waste reduction.

For instance, in our lab, we are currently exploring natural inks derived from seaweed. They are easy to source, and no resource depletion occurs, as either invasive species are harvested or seaweed is cultivated in the lab.

Would you like to delve deeper into these initiatives with us? Get in touch!

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  • Modified 02 Jan 2024
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