FutureWise's Slug Meets Element's Speed

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Do you know what slugging is in beauty? We discovered that a few months ago while working with Brian Bordainick on yet another disruptive concept.

“SLUGGING is the long-standing, dermatologist-beloved practice of applying an occlusive layer over the skin to prevent water loss. Less water loss means more hydration, and more hydration means plump, juicy, healthy skin — like our ultimate skin icon, the slug.”

Explains FutureWise Beauty.

Contrary to the slug we’re quite fast and agile at turning great concepts into beauty products.


Because we don’t think twice about it.


We work alongside amazing founders to grasp their ideas and turn them into actual products.

This is our passion. Working and developing turn-key solutions. And that's precisely what we did with FutureWise Beauty and their hydrating mist. How can something that looks this great have 30% PCR in the bottle? Ask us about the option to use high gloss silkscreen on your component to achieve such a gorgeous look!

Do you HAVE a disruptive idea to launch on the market and need a partner to do so? Look no further. Get in touch.

We promise you'll love the journey of creation as much as we do!

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