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Redefine Standards with Element Beauty Group at MakeUp in NY

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From refillable ocean plastic mascara to compostable make-up palettes, from dual chamber packaging for hair care treatments to refillable paper packs and metal deodorant sticks, Element Beauty Group has developed the most amazing and awarded beauty packaging of these recent months.

Though we can't always give you details because we frequently work under NDAs, we want to keep the latest innovations for our clients' eyes only! And we've been pretty busy lately releasing amazing beauty products on the market.

Our experience spans skin care, makeup, hair care, body and personal care, and sometimes we go all the way to home care with fragrance and laundry care solutions. Yet, regardless of the industry, when looking at innovations our main criteria to consider are always:

  1. Market standard
  2. Sustainability
  3. Feasibility
  4. Lead time

After all, in an ever-effervescent market, we want to serve beauty brands with the power to act swiftly and effectively. That's why we always anticipate our clients' needs and offer an acceptable lead time.

We don't just execute but often come up with ideas to get the ball rolling, and since we know how products are manufactured, we can give you a headstart in turnkey designs that already include required lead times and market standards. By market standard, of course, we mean the quality level expected by consumers in specific applications like a skin care jar, for example.

So don't hesitate for a second! Come and join us at MakeUp in New York to learn more about our work! See you at Booth J12

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