Element Beauty Group Develops Biodegradable Injection Moldable Material

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Is there such a thing as fully biodegradable packaging? Beauty is complex, and materials need to be carefully chosen to ensure a smooth and efficient application in beauty packaging.

In our material science lab, we have developed a biodegradable material in a molecular format of PHA that is injection moldable and fully biodegradable at the end of its life.

This grade of material is particularly well-suited for rigid, moldable products such as caps, jars, bottles, and other small packaging items that are difficult to recycle, leading to long-lasting and polluting waste in the environment.

Since these pieces generally won’t be recycled, it’s best to transform them into biodegradable pieces to ensure a better end of life and avoid contributing to environmental pollution.

Working with a material specialist dedicated to the innovative development of PHA from microbial production for biopolymer accumulation and material formulation, our partner can form pellets for polymer processing into manufacturing. This allows for tailored biodegradability of the finished product, depending on the packaging design and usage.

Together, we believe in collaboration and can help you achieve your sustainability goals.

This may sound like scientific jargon, but trust us, there is meaning behind all this. We are working on the next generation of packaging, so when you develop your next product with us, you are ahead of the game and ensure a sustainable future.

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