Magnetic releases value-added atomizers

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Magnetic, a leader in cosmetic packaging based in the Asian region, has released a number of new atomizer concepts designed to provide companies with a way to truly stand apart on the shelf. Each of the atomizers in the Royal Love line offer some sort of wearable item that is completely integrated into the overall design of the packaging, providing the consumer with a value added GWP (gift with purchase) they can keep and enjoy.

There are two basic types of wearable items offered by Magnetic. The first is a dangling fob item that can be used as a pendant, keychain fob, or cellphone accessory. These tend to be placed on the cap portion of the atomizer, with the rest of the body comprised of the standard packaging item. The other sort produced integrate stacking rings into the body of the packaging container such that one or two may be placed between the cap and body, easily extractable to wear or left on as a decorative element. The rings aren't limited to being flush with the container, many different ideas for more extravagant items can be contemplated and moulded.

Similarly, a company might also combine the concept to offer a ring with some sort of attached fob.

The value proposition is obvious. By offering a simple and integrated value added item, Magnetic gives companies a way to stand out on the shelf clearly without vastly increasing the amount of space required on the packaging, thereby eliminating shipping space wasted on larger adjuncts. One of the ideas most embraced by companies taking advantage of Magnetic's atomizers is to make a full range of rings and fobs that are collectible, providing a full range of specific items paired with matching scents, in order to pique the interest of shoppers and have them purchase more than one item, based on the GWP rather than just the scent.

All of Magnetic's items can be decorated with as many techniques as required, from industry-standard hot stamping and silk screening to more advanced techniques like metallizing, gradient colouring, or embossing.

The design and concept have been registered under Magnetic as international patent M458871.

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