Fragrances become an experience with Magnetic's smooth and sensual misting sprayers

  • Magnetic Packaging Inc.

The research and development department at Magnetic is always looking for ways to improve the user experience and enhance the company's product offering. The company's fine mist sprayer offers a smooth, sensual mist for the ultimate self-indulgence.

There's an absolute feeling of luxury when misting the body with fragrance. When the tiny, light droplets delicately land on the skin, the user's senses are heightened for lingering seconds of pure pleasure.

As users effortlessly mist themselves, the luxury of the moment is intensified as the product is absorbed. The tenderness of the perfume's aroma, the soft sound of the spray and the silky touch of the product offer an incredibly sensual and pleasurable experience.

Magnetic's fine mist sprayers provide the consumer with a moment of escape, each and every time they gently press the actuator.

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