Rolling on the scent with Magnetic's beautiful bottles

  • Magnetic Packaging Inc.

Roll on perfumes are back in style and Magnetic's delightful bottles are right on trend. The Taiwanese company's enchanting scent bottles are ideal travel companions and the aluminium shell lends itself to a number of decoration techniques to give a distinct look.

Anodizing, laser engraving, double anodizing, brushing, colouring and more: Magnetic has the experience and know-how to style up its perfume bottles to create lovely looks that will appeal to different consumer age groups.

Younger consumers choose roll-ons to blend their scents, whilst others like the definition offered by the rollerball compared to a spray, clearly targeting the pulse points and not wasting perfume on clothing or in the air.

Magnetic's petite bottles are ideal for gift packs and special occasions, as well as luxury, high end cosmetic formulas that require really special packaging.

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