Magnetic gives lotion bottles an essence of luxury

  • Magnetic Packaging Inc.

Magnetic has styled its new aluminium lotion bottle line to give it the look of a perfume atomizer at first glance. All three bottles fit comfortably in the hand and the coordinating aluminium finish adds to the overall essence of the style.

The OP lotion bottle family comprises three volumes: OP15 with an overfill capacity of 18ml, OP30 with an overfill capacity of 38ml and OP50 which has an overfill capacity of 53ml.

The smallest bottle has a smaller diameter, pump collar and overcap compared to the other two bottles, however all three bottles are structured in the same way.

An inner glass bottle maintains the lotion secure while the outer aluminium can be decorated with a range of techniques including anodising, double anodising, hot stamping, heat transfer, labelling, laser engraving, silk screening and pattern stamping resulting in a customised solution. The aluminium bottle can be coloured in any colour, upon request, to fit an existing range, or match with Magnetic's aluminium cream jar line.

Aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, Magnetic's luxury looking aluminium lotion bottles are a winning combination.

OP lotion bottle specifications

Product ref Overflow capacity Diameter Height
OP15 17 ± 1ml 28mm 109mm
OP30 38 ± 1ml 34mm 124mm
OP50 53 ± 1ml 34mm 149mm

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